Dulcet Darlings Tour - Day 5: Yep, still in Dallas

May 28, 2010
I gotta say, Kayla Brown is the shit. Two peas, one pod, it's awesome. We're still in Dallas. It's still hot and we're still having a blast. Our shows are progressing in a way that makes me effing excited for they will be in the next week or so. In Louisville, we played at 21c for the Sarabande Reading Series which was nice and mellow. Uber quiet. 21c has a cloud maker, btw. Kayla nearly lost it when she saw all of the red penguins. Memphis was warm and welcoming, rainy, and oh-so southern. We played at a quirky little place called Java Cabana which could have been the lovechild of Sunergos (in Louisville) and Sitwells (in Cincinnati). Pulling up to the house of my friends in Memphis, Kayla thought of the most genius idea ever -- Crib-for-a-Day. We'll be filming each of our cribs everyday of the road MTV-style, so stay tuned; we have Memphis and Dallas so far. The Dallas show has super awesome sound. Monitors make or break a show and Opening Bell had the works. Yo, Dallas friends, come out next time, 'aight?

I thought that I was fairly familiarized with all of the wildlife that the U.S. open road had to offer until we were driving through Arkansas and saw a couple of dead ARMADILLOS on the side of the highway! Sam (from the Rubber Band Tour) and I saw both a bald eagle and gold eagle which was awesome, but nothing compared to the socks that were knocked off by those damn armadillos!

We're off to Austin and San Antonio tomorrow. Stay tuned for more stories and be sure to check out our tour site DulcetDarlings.com for Kayla's blogs, our Crib-for-a-Day videos, pictures, and more videos.

Dulcet Darlings Tour - Day 3: Dallas, TX

May 27, 2010
Day Three and I'm suffering from separation anxiety. Kayla and I are staying at two different apartments tonight. Sad. I could disclose the details about the shows that we've had so far, but I'm also suffering from exhaustion. So, we're having a blast and I just wanted to check in. More grit about our daily adventures is available on our tour site DulcetDarlings.com.

Good night.

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Dulcet Darlings Tour - Day 0: Still Home

May 24, 2010
My tour with Kayla Brown begins tomorrow (technically today since it's after midnight; potayto, potahto) and we're super psyched. I don't have much to day since I'm in the midst of packing and doing laundry, but stay tuned for updates from the road! You can also see how things are going and where we are and where we've been by following us on DulcetDarlings.com/

See you soon.


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