1.9.11                             Louisville, KY                              The Bard's Town

1.14.11                           Enid, OK                                      Enid House Concert Culture

1.15.11                           Amarillo, TX                                The 806

1.16.11                           Manhattan, KS                             House Concert

1.19.11                           Minneapolis, MN                          Acadia Cafe

1.21.11                           Madison, WI                                Cafe Zoma

1.22.11                           Milwaukee, WI                             BBC

1.24.11                           Chicago, IL                                  Elbo Room

1.26.11                           Chicago, IL                                  Lizard's Liquid Lounge

1.27.11                           Chicago, IL                                  Fedora Lounge

1.28.11                           Champaign, IL                             Indi Go Gallery

1.30.11                           Louisville, KY                              The Bard's Town

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Alan Cohen

Nathan Vogelpohl

Mike Meyers

Greenlight Design

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Jessica Higgins

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